2022 Registration Meeting

The registration meeting will take place on January 12, 2022 by Zoom.

At the meeting we will be discussing information about the upcoming season for practices, tournaments, and Nationals. We will also be doing sizing for any extra gear that players wish to order.

Please use the attached documents to fill out all of the required information we need in order to have you registered. There will be copies at the meeting if you are not able to fill these out ahead of time.

Let's Talk

  Royals Boys Club Volleyball

   Selkirk, MB
   Tel: 204-800-3502

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Tryout Information

Before tryouts, all players are asked to register ahead of time. To register you need to do two things:

1. All players fill out a tryout form and submit it to jhschreyer@gmail.com prior to the beginning of the tryout sessions.

2. Send the tryout fee of $10/athlete via e-transfer to rhroyalsvolleyball@hotmail.com

Covid Protocols
We will be following VM Covid protocols during tryouts:

All athletes must provide proof of at least one eligible Covid 19 vaccination at the first tryout. We will not be accepting recent negative tests. In order to play with the Royals Club double Covid 19 vaccination will be required

Players will be required to wear a mask when entering the school and keep it on until they are on the court.

Athletes and coaches are the only people allowed in the gym. No spectators.

Maximum 20 players per court during tryouts. Once a player is assigned a court they will remain on that court for the remainder of that session.

Sanitize hands at sanitizing stations when entering the school/gym.

LSRCSS: Players will enter the school through the main doors of the school and will remain in the upper gym as a staging area until the gym is cleared of its prior participants. After the tryout, players will exit the gym using the North doors that lead to the parking lot by the tennis courts.

Lockport: Players will enter the school using the back doors and will wait between the ramp and the gym doors until the gym is cleared of its prior participants. After the tryout, players will exit through the back door of the gym. Use only the washrooms in the gym area please.